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Welcome to the Valley

Warriors Valley Stream - Welcome Banner 01 by October-Owl


StoneClan Icon by BettaRae     StoneClan, strong and nimble, make their home within the rocky terrain of the low mountains.
WillowClan Icon by BettaRae     WillowClan, powerful and respectful, make their home among the willow tree groves.  
IceClan Icon by BettaRae     IceClan; fast and tactical, find their homes nearest the coolest part of the streams.     
HeatherClan Icon by BettaRae     HeatherClan, swift and slim, make their dens under the stars of the heather covered moor lands.
StreamClan Icon by BettaRae     StreamClan, beautiful and skilled, find their dens nestled close to the streams.  

Each lead by their leader in teaching their newest members in the ways of hunting and battling, and in the true ways of the Warrior.


.:Season Cycle 4 ~ Moon 10:.

Winter | Leaf-bare


Raining and muddy
Massive flooding


Currently unknown date

Clan News

.:Clan News:.

Green Square Bullet Good
Red Square Bullet Bad
Yellow Square Bullet Danger
Silver Square Bullet Deaths
Blue Square Bullet  Births
Purple Square Bullet From Starclan

{ Heatherclan }
Green Square Bullet Hollowvoice has been made Deputy

{ Iceclan }

{ Stoneclan }

{ Streamclan }

{ Willowclan }
Green Square Bullet || Stormglare is the new deputy of WillowClan!


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xSenkai Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015
Lets see will probably be bringing back Bracken'kit' from Bluestripe's litter into streamclan again. However how old would she be now? I forgot how many moons have passed since the sickness? Cause she just became an apprentice during that time or was real close to becoming one.

BlueStripe's kits
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RainbowCat20 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  New Deviant
Can I join?
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Blayzes Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015
Is this group active at all? owo; And if so, is it open?
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DinoGummi Featured By Owner Edited Aug 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Excuse me Admins. I'm going around to some Warrior roleplay groups and offering to make a full character design list (sort of like this) for free. If this offer does not appeal to you guys then feel free to send me a polite 'No thank you' instead of removing the msg. (It is kinda rude otherwise ^^;)

I will be using free/available linearts for this project to quickly get them done. There are a few choices of linearts and you may choose which lineart (or offer another lineart) you would like used :)

The sheet can include all of your clans cats, a few clans, or only certain cats (such as the leaders). You may do anything with the picture as long as it follows the lineart's rules. The cats will be uploaded onto as few as possible submissions but you can request their photos separated (I will send you a link and the images will not include my color-watermark)(Please leave credit to the lineart's creator and myself for working on this). The picture will include a transparent background unless you would like it different.

If you accept this offer please tell me and leave a link to your chosen cats :)

Feel free to ask questions. Here are the lineart choices X  X  X  X  X

Thank you for putting up with me =P
Melodic-Wings Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Would you like to affiliate with Wolf-of-Lunar-Tribes ?
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